Thursday, December 5, 2013

Upload mp3 to MyAudioCast

Here are the steps to upload mp3 files to MyAudioCast, and publish on joomla

  • Download the mp3 to your own computer
  • Login to google using (get password from the admins)
  • Go to, and click login using Google account on the top
  • Click sjccm2013 on the top right and select "Manage" 
  • Click "Upload new episode" (or "上傳新節目") on the right
  • In the "episode create" screen, enter TItle, Description, and click "I'm Sure" and "Next Step"
  • For example: 11/8/2013: 第一講(疏效平):天主的話確實是生活的。(希四12)
  •  upload the mp3 to
  • The upload may take a few minutes to start, when it starts, it will show the progress bar turning green.  When it finishes, it will say: "節目已經上傳成功。"
  • Click "回到管理頁面 "
  • Click "Player embed code", and copy the code (iframe)
  • Paste the code into Joomla

Sunday, October 21, 2012

SJCCM Weekly eNews 10/14/2012

Dear brothers and sisters,
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SJCCM Weekly eNews 10/21/2012

Dear brothers and sisters,
During today (October 21) 3:00PM Union Mass, there will be second collection for World Mission Sunday. Please prepare your check payable to SJCCM with Memo "2nd Collection". Thank you for your generosity.
 There will also be Commissioning. Please be prepared and arrive on time. Thank you!

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

SJCCM Weekly eNews 10/07/2012

Dear brothers and sisters,Happy Moon Festival
簡報 New: 10/11/12為教會『信德年』的開始 至 11/24/2013基督普世君王節結束.
October 11, 2012 is the start of the Year of Faith 查看詳情(Click for Detail)
TODAY is Fr.Michel Marcil 50th Anniversary in Jesuit Celebration
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

SJCCM Weekly eNews 9/30/2012

Dear brothers and sisters,Happy Moon Festival
中秋節快樂! HAPPY MOON FESTIVAL! 願主降福每個家庭並與大家同在 May God be with everyone and bless all families!
喜報:Yesterday, 9/29/2012, Italian priest Father Gabriele Maria Allegra was beatified as "the Saint Jerome of China" in his homeland, Sicily. He translated the entire Bible into Chinese for the first time.
昨天, 九月廿九日,意大利神父-方濟會士雷做為【東方聖言使徒】榮列真福! 他首次翻譯了整本聖經,爲華人教會做出了卓越貢獻。
Please check online for detail 請查閱詳情. New
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Friendly Remind: Come and enjoy SJCCM Moon Festival 9/29/2012

 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!
Please come and join us with delicious food, fun activities, beautiful musics and meeting with old and new friends this coming Saturday evening start at 5PM at St. Clare Parish Rectory court yard.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

SJCCM Weekly eNews 9/23/12

Dear brothers and sisters,Happy Moon Festival
九月三十日主日是我們華人重要的傳統節日 - 中秋節。聖荷西華人天主堂熱情邀請您及親朋好友齊來團聚慶佳節,共享主內的平安喜樂。請上網查看細節
Welcome everyone with your relatives and friends come to join our Moon Festival Celebration on 9/29. Please check online for detail.
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